Hidden Room

Hidden Room is a video series showcasing musicians of all genres and walks of life.

Presented by and filmed at Last Horizon Audio recording studio in Louisville, KY;

Hidden Room is a blank canvas for artists to perform live with stellar audio and visual quality.

Episode 10: GRLwood

We couldn't think of a better band to play our season finale than GRLwood!

One of the best live bands you'll ever see, GRLwood plays their mix of raw and refined rock music on the rooftop of Last Horizon Audio.

Powerful and haunting GRLwood's music is unique and unforgettable, check out more here: https://grlwood.bandcamp.com

Episode 09: Mosquito

Mosquito drops by to play their intricate guitar driven music, with a drummer that sings, and bass that holds it all down- we felt all of the feels and we loved it!

Check them out: https://louisvillemosquito.bandcamp.com/

Episode 08: Saturday School

Saturday School stops by to sweat it out with us- an energetic and awesome band, they play songs off their first album "Sophomore Album" a concept album about love and loss in high school. We absolutely love them and think you will too!

Check them out: https://saturdayschoolband.bandcamp.com/releases

Episode 07: B-Ri

A force to be reckoned with, B-RI is a fresh and original voice in rap. Watch as he performs some killer tracks live at Hidden Room, we think you enjoy it as much as we did!

You can follow B-RI on http://www.instagram.com/beeri734

Episode 06: Fool’s Ghost

Fool's Ghost are two very talented musicians playing music that is both haunting and beautiful, we were lucky to catch them on their way to another gig. Enjoy!

Listen to more here: https://foolsghost.bandcamp.com/

Episode 05: Killii Killii

Killii Killii stops by to play some tunes about reptoids and grunge. We had a really good time!

You can check out more of their music here: https://killiikillii.bandcamp.com/releases

Episode 04: For the Masses

This week's Hidden Room we turn out the lights for a special set by For The Masses, who play a set while wearing their sunglasses in the dark.

For the Masses is a synth duo who don't shy from pop sensibilities and vintage tones, you can check out their newest EP here:


Episode 03: Analog Cannibal

Analog Cannibal stops by Hidden Room.

Things get weird.

Check out their new album "Best of - Volume Two" here: https://analogcannibal.bandcamp.com/album/best-of-volume-two

Episode 02: Bungalow Betty

Bungalow Betty are self-described as "four lady friends playing original tunes" and we couldn't be happier that they stopped by Hidden Room to play a few songs. Fun times were had not only because these ladies are awesome musicians because also because they brought balloons! Lots of balloons. Enjoy!

Go to bandcamp and listen to their debut album "Birthday Sandwich" https://bungalowbetty.bandcamp.com/releases

Episode 01: the Sole Conspirators

The love child of emcee extraordinaire Sleye Kooper and the dulcet R&B tones of Chris Carswell, the Sole Conspirators drop by Last Horizon Audio to perform a few tunes.

You can check out more of their music here: https://soleconspiratorsky.bandcamp.com/releases

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